Few tips for participating in photo contests

I have been sending photos to competitions for several years – I started rather occasionally, but now I do it regularly and I use a bit more systematic approach. I decided to share some tips other photographers may find useful. Tip no. 1: read contest rules carefully Many wildlife photography contests use similar rules but […]

I no longer share my photos on 500px

Notice for everyone, who follows my work: I decided to stop publishing of my photos on 500px. There were several reasons for this decision. One of them was not optimal quality of uploaded photos – when I played with it last time, high quality JPEG fo size about 800 KB was recompressed to size about […]

Czech Nature Photo

Behind the scenes of Czech Nature Photo 2018 contest

Today, we published nominated photos of Czech Nature Photo 2018 photo contest and I thought that you may be interested to look behind the scenes of such competition. Preparations for the new year of the contest began immediately after the previous one ended. Veronica and Czech Photo Centre team spent a lot of time to […]

Thanks for the year 2017

New Year is a time of resolutions and plans, but last days of old year are reserved for looking back. And because it happened a lot in 2017, here is my recapitulation of the most important events in the form of thanks to people without whom they would not happen or it would not be […]