Michal Krause

Wildlife photographer

Nature is an endless source of beauty and inspiration. I have seen and experienced such wonderful moments that I cannot resist telling about them through my photographs. I wish to pass on at least some of what I am experiencing. Because getting people excited about nature means hope that it can be protected and preserved for our children.

Michal Krause

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After the great success of the Czech version of the Capture One effectively e-book, an English translation is finally ready. If you want to learn about photo management and editing in this professional application, this can be your guide. With more than 400 pages of information, the book covers virtually all areas of working with Capture One. The book is instantly downloadable after secure online payment in formats suitable for your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or eBook reader, so you can literally start reading it in minutes!
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I have visited many countries on five continents, where I have had the opportunity to photograph in a variety of habitats, from the harsh Arctic wilderness, to European forests and mountains, to tropical rainforests and African savannahs. I have photographed their wild inhabitants — such as arctic foxes, musk oxen, African big cats and colorful jungle birds, among others — as well as the local landscapes. My photographs, printed on fine art paper or under acrylic glass, can become a unique decoration of your interior, reminding you of the richness of our planet.
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Photo tours

In cooperation with an accredited travel agency, I organize expeditions to photograph the wildlife of our planet — from the cold north to the tropical rainforests. In addition to the tours listed, I can also fully organize a trip tailored to your needs or join your trip as a photography guide. I’ve traveled to many places on our planet with my camera – join me to visit some of them!
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Workshops and consultations

I offer individual photography workshops and consultations on topics such as working with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, Capture One, Affinity Photo and other photography tools. I can help you with the basics of photography, camera control, choosing the right photo equipment and so on. I work mostly in the Czech Republic, but online consultations are available all over the world. It is also possible to arrange a personal workshop abroad on request and under the condition of covering all expenses. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.
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